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Fri Aug 26, 2011 10:51 am by [SGA]Titan

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Fri Aug 26, 2011 10:08 am by [SGA]Titan

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Post by [SGA]Titan on Fri Aug 26, 2011 10:51 am

Dear Players,
We would like to announce the Metin2Uranium In-Game Rules, please read them carefully:

A- Names & Images:

1- Player names, shop names and guild names which contain insulting, racist, right-wing radical, vulgar and/or common or in other manner are negatively striking, are forbidden.
2- Shop Names must be in English and stay within the bounds of the shop name box.

B- Behavior:

1- In Game communication should be acceptable at all times.
2- Please be respectful of other players. Threatening, scamming, or extorting other players is not permitted.
3- Attempting to impersonate other persons, including the players and Team Members.
4- Politically extreme, illegal, racist, pornographic, or otherwise inappropriate statements are forbidden in the game.

C- In Game Chat:

1- Abbreviations are acceptable, example: OMG, WTF...
2- Language:
a) Non-English chat is prohibited in shouts.
b) Non-English chat is tolerated in PM if both parties consent.
c) All communications with the Team Members must be in English.
3- Spam:
a) Spamming is prohibited at all times.
b) Repeatedly sending of messages or nonsensical characters in the Call, Local, or Normal chats is considered spamming.
Examples :
Or if you are typing non-sensical characters that go to the end of/beyond the chat screen:
are you here ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
sell BLD, pm me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This would be considered as spamming in chats and a violation against the rules.
4- The posting of links other than those pointing to our server, site, or forum is prohibited.
5- Providing information to players on cheats, hacks, or bugs with the intent that they will be used is strictly prohibited.
6- Marketing, promoting, or advertising in the Game or through its Web Site or Forum is also strictly forbidden.

D- Hacking, Bug Using, & Cheating:

1- Manipulating the Client in any way is strictly forbidden.
2- Using any piece of software to run the game without human interaction or regard to the content displayed is prohibited. Every click sent to the game servers must come from a live person, not an automated system or script.
ALL Accounts found to be benefiting from such programs will be subject to a ban.
3- Bugs, loopholes, security flaws, or any inconsistencies in the game should be immediately reported in the GM Staff. Using any such bugs, loopholes, flaws or inconsistencies in any manner which gives you or others an advantage is forbidden.
4- "Guild Wars" Players are not permitted to disrupt the normal gameplay during a war i.e. staying stuck in inaccessible areas, running around the map constantly to avoid being killed for an excessive amount of time.
5- "Guild Wars" Manipulation of guild rank is not permitted.

E- Password Scavenging:

Requesting that other users share their passwords with you is prohibited.

F- Selling/Buying of Accounts Or Game Items:

The selling/buying of game accounts, currency, items or any virtual goods on the server for real money is prohibited. Trading Items or accounts to another server is strictly forbidden.

G- Account Data - The Team will never ask you for account data or the password for your account.If someone does then report him right away.

1- Each account owner is responsible for the actions taken on their accounts at all times. This means that if anyone logs into your account you are responsible of it.
2- Each player is responsible for keeping their account data secret.
3- Keep your Account ID, Email password and account password secure at all times. We highly recommend that if you feel anything suspicious to change immediately your password.
4- The Team will not replace stolen items.

H- CoMa/GA/GM's Interaction:

1- CoMa/GA/GM's are not allowed to give items or money to players.
2- CoMa/GA/GM's are not allowed to hold anything for players.
3- GCoMa/GA/GM's are not allowed to help you level your characters.
4- CoMa/GA/GM's are not allowed to spawn monster, unless there is an event.
5- CoMa/GA/GM's are not allowed join guilds or parties.
6- Asking CoMa/GA/GM's to do any of the above is forbidden and could result in a mute or ban if you piss them off
7- The instructions and decisions of the Team Members are to be respected.
8- PMs from a member of staff MUST be answered or it may be assumed that a person is not behind the game-play.

Please follow these rules to keep the game-play fun and in order !

Best Regars,
Metin2Uranium Team

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